A new series of journals- A play on my own childhood silliness.

  This series of journals was designed when I found a cool- what I call the “Hostage Font.” Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the bad guy taking all… Continue reading

I’ve been punched in the face by Google!

It has been such a crazy time in my world. I’m working on final editing on a new non-fiction book with a friend under my pen name (2nd book in the series). That’s… Continue reading

I’m an addict to the next shinny idea

I have to confess, over that last year I have not been working on the “great YA novel” like I had hoped. I have been so busy writing non-fiction books under my pen… Continue reading

Is it Hard to Get to sleep? New book for Insomniacs.

  I have been struggling with sleep issues my whole life, on-again-off-again. I can usually only go a few weeks being normal by sleeping the same time that everyone else is, but them… Continue reading

The (Darn) Demanding Muse

As a storyteller-writer, I have developed a routine.  I need to have coffee or tea. I need to have a footstool. I need my favorite rocking office chair (that I believe is infused… Continue reading

Storyteller VS Writer

By all accounts, I shouldn’t be a writer. I have been told my whole life that I couldn’t write because I didn’t know how to write. I couldn’t spell or grasp the difference between… Continue reading

It All Starts With The Past.

Well, since the town is calling for my attention I have started by researching the town’s history. I checked the internet for anything I could find about current Madeira and it’s history I… Continue reading

Where to Begin?

First, let me tell you the purpose of my blog, it’s to document the process of writing my first YA novel. My book’s working title is The Seeker. The blog will be all about… Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans

Arthur Hofmann had one great love. It was for his dog, Pamper, a Bedlington Terrier.  But due to a divorce, he lost custody of the dog, all but for a few weeks a… Continue reading

Hello…just call me Callaghan

I’m a writer, or better to say; a storyteller. Who is working on being a published ‘wannabe.’  I have been writing for a large part of my life, but mostly writing training programs… Continue reading