The Best Laid Plans


Arthur Hofmann had one great love. It was for his dog, Pamper, a Bedlington Terrier.  But due to a divorce, he lost custody of the dog, all but for a few weeks a year.  I will be writing a long post on the story of Art and his beloved pet in a future blog, but enough said about that for now. Art missed Pamper so much, that he ended up getting a second Bedlington Terrier that he called “Pamper Too”, which shows Arts quirky sense of humor.

There was a tragic part to this story that is best to be left for a fuller post, but the important part is that Art started to design unique creatures called the “wood you believables” all because of his new pup, Pamper Too.

Twenty- eight years later, all of the “wood you believables” are still in a gallery that Art built in the attic of this home. So I saw it as a sign that I should write children’s stories based on these amazing ‘wood you believables’.  Since there were 49 sculptures still intact, and if I wrote a book for each one, it would be career making!  At least that’s what I thought I would be doing while I was staying in the Madeira area.

A week or so after arriving to my new home, a new idea came pushing into the forefront of my mind.  As I said in my earlier post, new ideas are what I do best, so this didn’t surprise me at the time. In the days to follow, the idea just wouldn’t let me go; I realized that the town of Madeira was going to be a large part in my new novel.

I got an idea for a story about a young girl that arrives to this area. She is from the ‘big city’ of Cleveland (does that sound familiar?). She moves into the Village of Indian Hill, a residential area with no town center, and is living in this very house, that I’m living in, which was Art’s house.  She also ‘meets’ the character of Arthur Hofmann in her own unique experience.

But it’s Madeira and Madeira history that is a key component to my story.  And that’s when it happened! The BINGO, the reason that back in 2013 when I first drove through. This little town reached out and grabbed me. I feel the town wants me to write about it! It wants me to capture the life of Madeira, it’s history, it’s people all as the backdrop to a compelling story about life lessons of a young girl, Claire, as she meets another fictional character resident, Zelda.

So THIS is the real reason that I’m here at this place – at this time.  I’m to write this novel around Madeira!

As for the “wood you believables” and my other educational projects and books, I’ll continue work on them. However, this Madeira book is what is the priority, Madeira needs to come alive and it’s chosen me to do it. This is why I have made this blog/website. This is why I have decided to include the residents; adults and children into my blog.  I HAVE to give voice to the today Madeira and the past Madeira.  It seems I don’t have a choice. And I’m good with that.

So get ready to join in Madeira and Indian Hill, jump in the journey with me, it begins….here.