Where to Begin?


First, let me tell you the purpose of my blog, it’s to document the process of writing my first YA novel. My book’s working title is The Seeker. The blog will be all about what I’m finding out about the book and all its different aspects.  I’ll share information about the characters, the writing process, the insights that I get from working with the story development. Oh… and of course the research and people who I find along the way. I might even give you a heads up on where I’m going next to “meeting the town” research!

I believe in letting it all hangout. Walking into the unknown is both scary and liberating at the same time. I’m a risk taker in many ways in my life.   I have been living on the road for 15 years. I’m open to the journey and those new experiences along the way. COME WITH ME. If you’re not a risk taker yourself, that’s ok, I’ll hold your hand, you can walk with me.

If you are living in Madeira/Indian Hill, that’s wonderful! (But you don’t have to be!)  That means we’ll have an opportunity to meet someday. Look for my green VW Beetle and look for me in the library or the Starbucks or Coffee Please. In the summer, you might see me writing in one of the many parks, or in Nelle V. Hosbrook Bird Sanctuary. Or you’ll just see me sitting or walking around Madeira taking notes and photos or just talking to myself about the town. Come up to me and lets chat.

I will share links to interesting things I find about the history of Madeira and Indian Hill.  For I believe that people living in an area usually know less about that area than people who don’t live there. I lived on and off around the Cleveland Area for most of my life, and I know very little about Cleveland. I have never been to the New Football stadium, or the Rock-in-Roll Hall of Fame, or the new baseball stadium.  So if you’re from Madeira or Indian Hill (or someone outside the area) I’ll let you in on some of the interesting things I find out about this area.

Also, please check out my Help Me! page. Where I put all my requests for assistance. Help in: beta testing my educational programs, beta readers for stories and manuscripts, information on a subject or topic, and sign-ups for judging the monthly challenges, etc.

I want people to be able to ‘be right in the story’ by knowing and being able to go to the locations that are places where my fictional Zelda, Claire, and her family go. But I MIGHT have to make up some details that are not at the location to move the story along, so don’t hold my ‘creative license’ against me.  But I’m a realist at heart, so I like to keep it as close to reality as I can.

Also, my blog is about getting my subscribers to ENGAGE with me!

Help Me! page: I need to hear from you about your town of Madeira and Indian Hill.  I need your stories, your insights, and your history. There is a sign-up list where you can write a short summary of the story you would like to share, including all your contact information.  And interviews will be set up (phone, email or in-person)

Aside from my blog, my website is broken down into sections. THEY WILL BE ROLLED OUT OVER TIME and as the subscribers sign up to the blog. So be sure to promote it for me! (Whisper…thank you!)  All the Pages on this website are explained below:

All of the following fun events and writing prompts will only be as good as the people who take the time to engage with them. I am just a lonely writer that wants some friends to jump on the train with me to get our voices heard so there will be no exchange of physical awards (money, bikes, trophy’s)  :(….BUT I will be announcing to the world on this blog that you met the challenge and won! I will announce the winners of this and that in the Contest Shout Out! page. I will also post the winners stories. Please note: I will not always be the only judge. I will announce the judging panel on each prompt AFTER the winner has been chosen (to keep it all above board and no one is influenced by yummy treats 🙂

Monthly Challenge:

Not all subscribers will be coming from Madeira or Indian Hill, Ohio only. They could be anywhere in the world and I want to bring them into the journey.  So I will be asking questions about topics that ANYONE could answer and not just the locals.  Monthly, I’ll choose one or two of the following to put up for my subscribers to join in.

Cassie’s Clue: This little section was inspired by my best friend’s grand-daughter, Cassie. You will be given just a word and you write a short story about it.  But you will be furthered challenged to have a short word limit on the story.  It’s made for some tough yet important editing.

Photo prompt: I also have a HUGE library of original photography that I have accumulated from my stint in my photography business, so I’m going to be putting up a photo of some wacky item, person or place that you will write a story around. Again, it will have a word count limit, As you learn to write within limits because that’s so important in the world of publishing, You will learn to ‘master the art’.

Locals: This is for Madeira and Indian Hill locals. I will be going around the area taking photos of different locations and I will ask you to identify it. It might be a whole picture or a little tear-off section of the picture. Somehow, you have to identify the location.  This exercise will actually require you to go out and walk the town to see where the photo was taken.

I will also have some ‘I spy’ photos. Meaning, I will sit at a location and will take several photos around me. You have to identify where I was sitting. Again, it will require you to get out in the town and hunt down the location.

Town Tidbits: Test your skill on quirky facts and history about Madeira and Indian Hills.

And my favorite of all is “SCAVENGER HUNTS” – which WILL require you to go out and engage with Madeira and Indian Hill!  I have about 10 different hunts in mind. But this will require a lot more help to pull them off. So in the Help Me! page, you will see me asking for volunteers to help organize these more elaborate events.  I hope to get kids and their families to get out into Madeira/Indian Hill and meet business owners and find information on the town/village that will REQUIRE your mental and physical involvement. If you know of a business owner, a school class, a group or you, yourself would be interested in helping, please head to the Help Me! page.

Field of Dreams Page: Another type of engagement is getting kids and adults alike to start writing.  I want to support you in seeing your dreams and wishes have merit. If you have an idea, a story or a dream of some kind that requires a written form, share your thoughts here. Let this community support you! Put your links to your web page or blog or email.

Now that’s the ideas I have at this time for the blog. The life of a storyteller is one of change, so change is the only thing you can depend on (not my quote).  So if you are interested in keeping this blog moving forward, offer suggestions! Offer your voice to my little blog!  If you like some of these ideas THEN ENGAGE with them. They can be a success!  Please talk about this blog and tell others about it. I’ll also be on other social media when they are all set up, check them out too!

Question: Tell me your opinion on the ideas of areas of engagement on the site. Which ones are you most excited about?