The (Darn) Demanding Muse


As a storyteller-writer, I have developed a routine.  I need to have coffee or tea. I need to have a footstool. I need my favorite rocking office chair (that I believe is infused with creativity) and I need some ‘toys’ to play with while I think. I prefer ball shaped items, because I like to toss them in the air. My new favorite toy is a reproduction of the old ‘jacks’, but they are larger, plastic and bright colors. I like to twirl and twirl them as I think. But most of all, I need to work in complete silence. There is enough chatter in my own head to listen to, I don’t need more noise! This is my routine – my comfort zone.

Well, this The Seeker book is upsetting my apple cart. Due to the research needed and also the need to be in the scenery and action of the town. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone by my Creative Muse! She insists that I need to find a way to write in a place that doesn’t have my ‘comforts,’ I’m being pushed to the coffee house!

Just thinking about it, I can feel a flush of “Oh, no! Not with all that chatter around! How could I work in such a place?”  A place that is meant to connect people to people is a noisy affair! Overhearing conversation about children, husbands, sports…is a pull to distractions. Hearing orders of “Half caf latte with a shot of…”  I’m so easily distracted! I don’t know if I would read in such a place let alone to find the words to create my work! Oh, please dear Creative Muse, don’t make me go to such a place!”

But alas, my Creative Muse is relentless with her demands for places that SHE can be creative! And she doesn’t even like coffee!

It was either go to the coffee house, or she has threatened to keep me up all night writing. And as a proof, she kept me up most of the night with all these wacky, brilliant ideas for the book and blog. But I NEED my sleep, so I will relent and give it a good go!

I begged her to let me take baby steps to see if I can write in such surroundings. Hallelujah! She has relented and has agreed to make me have to go out only one day a week. For some crazy reason she chose a Thursday. So, look out Coffee Please and Starbucks! My muse is heading your way and pulling me in tow.