Is it Hard to Get to sleep? New book for Insomniac’s coming soon.


cover Insomniac LogI have been struggling with sleep issues my whole life, on-again-off-again. I can usually only go a few weeks being normal by sleeping the same time that everyone else is, but them an insomnia bout sneaks up on me and hits me in the face, and I’m left watching the clock tick by tick night after night.

What I realized was that I was not putting the pieces together as to what was happening in my life (and my mind) that could be hampering my sleep.  I was forgetting why/when my last bout took place and what I might have done to stop it. So I decided to make a little book that I could leave on my nightstand, and keep track. It worked out so well for me, I decided to make it into a purchasable book for other insomniacs.

The book is pretty simple and to the point. It gives you a little bit of information on some of the situations