I’m an addict to the next shinny idea

I have to confess, over that last year I have not been working on the “great YA novel” like I had hoped. I have been so busy writing non-fiction books under my pen name, and I have been chasing some fun projects for my Callaghan site too.

One of those shiny Callaghan projects is making Coloring books! I live in an area that has these really quaint villages clustered around and I have been enthralled with capturing them in photographs. I live at the border of Ohio and Kentucky with its different flavors. The interesting main streets, the Victorian homes and lovely row houses. I just can’t get enough of them. So I have decided to make coloring books of these little treasures! Which means getting out from behind the computer and breathing fresh air and shooting all these little treats.

But they have proved to be a bit more time consuming then I would have first thought. See, I’m a bit of an expander on ideas…I get one idea and it parlay’s into more complications. I’ll explain that more in another post. Just understand that Callaghan doesn’t like to just do one good idea, she has to complicate it up more! LOL

But you will be seeing some of my images in the coming posts, just so you get a better idea of what I’m doing.

On Easter morning, since I have no family where I live, I was free to go out and enjoy the day. I did a few re-shoots of a small village, Old Milford. I found that when I first shot the town, I have some simple thoughts for the first coloring book series. But since I have morphed the series idea, I had to go back and reshoot some of the shots. Now, this little town is a busy thoroughfare, so I had to shoot before the busy traffic started or else I would have the butt ends of cars in my shots or have to shoot around parked cars. So the tragic work of the artist is getting up way before sunrise, run for coffee and get into place before the sun rose. Then I had to move quickly through to get as many shots as I could before the sun came up and ruined my shots…woe the things I have to do for my art! LOL

I got done with that re-shoot and was feeling good (after the second cup of coffee) and decided to head to an even smaller village, Mariemont. It’s pretty small, so I thought I might get it all done before that sun came around. (I try to shoot only on overcast days and this day was suppose to be that, but at times the weather person lies. 😦

I got into Mariemont (pronounced Mary-mont, for some reasons) And got off the shots I needed. In this sweet town, they have a great restaurant called National Exemplar and I was shooting the exterior because the restaurant is housed in the largest of the cool buildings. So I headed in for an Easter breakfast and to sort out the list of shots I just took for my records.

I was waited on by a nice fellow and he asked what I was shooting (my camera was around my neck). I told him and he thought it was cool. But what was really cool is on his return he asked if I was a professional photographer? I said yes, in my career incarnation – I traveled around to a few countries and sold my art. (I’ll be adding some of my work on this site for sale in the coming months) And shockingly he asked if I would be interested in shooting some houses for him. Turns out he’s a realtor (also) and he has a hard time getting photos of some of the house that his clients want to see. He said he worked in that local area. I loved the idea. I hadn’t considered that before, but I’m always up for another stream of income, so why not!

So overall, it was a brilliant day!

So be looking for my book covers for the new coloring book series I’m doing. Remember, keep yourself open to new ideas and new opportunities!