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A new series of journals- A play on my own childhood silliness.

  This series of journals was designed when I found a cool- what I call the “Hostage Font.” Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the bad guy taking all… Continue reading

I’ve been punched in the face by Google!

It has been such a crazy time in my world. I’m working on final editing on a new non-fiction book with a friend under my pen name (2nd book in the series). That’s… Continue reading

I’m an addict to the next shinny idea

I have to confess, over that last year I have not been working on the “great YA novel” like I had hoped. I have been so busy writing non-fiction books under my pen… Continue reading

Is it Hard to Get to sleep? New book for Insomniacs.

  I have been struggling with sleep issues my whole life, on-again-off-again. I can usually only go a few weeks being normal by sleeping the same time that everyone else is, but them… Continue reading

The (Darn) Demanding Muse

As a storyteller-writer, I have developed a routine.  I need to have coffee or tea. I need to have a footstool. I need my favorite rocking office chair (that I believe is infused… Continue reading

Storyteller VS Writer

By all accounts, I shouldn’t be a writer. I have been told my whole life that I couldn’t write because I didn’t know how to write. I couldn’t spell or grasp the difference between… Continue reading

It All Starts With The Past.

Well, since the town is calling for my attention I have started by researching the town’s history. I checked the internet for anything I could find about current Madeira and it’s history I… Continue reading