Coloring Books

OMG, I LOVE COLORING BOOKS. But the problem is I’m not great at coloring them, but making them- I LOVE IT.

As a published writer under my pen name, I have used line art in a few workbooks, but I have never done a coloring book from my Callaghan authorship.

But I have to say, I don’t LOVE line art in and of its self. Yes, it’s how CHILDREN think of coloring books, but when I travel around, if I just drew the buildings it just wouldn’t have the FEEL of the town. So MY Coloring books are made from photographs! Photographs give such detail to the images. Where you feel you are still working on the actual photography but it’s still colorable.

Here’s an example of my Photography coloring book. ”

cover mock up for_ Milford. Ohio (for Tales website ONLY)

But I never fear, I have been WORKING on making coloring books for about 8 months now. But sadly to say— I haven’t gotten them done yet! 😦

But if you love coloring books and or photography, please check back in a few months – I’m getting ready to release my first series of small quaint towns. The first one will be of Milford Ohio (Old Milford as it is called by the locals), then Mariemont, Ohio (pronounced Mary-mont) which is a newer planned community (compared to Old Milford) but the thoughtful architecture (Normand to classic Georgian style) has a consistency that enhances newer buildings around the older building (Mariemont Inn built in 1926) that is the centerpiece to this little diamond village.

And following that will be the GREAT Heavy architecture town of Madison Indiana! I’m so excited about this town. I went on a day trip to an event honoring a friend of mine and I just fell in love! So much so, I started snapping photos by hanging out the car window we were driving through the town main street! It too was a busy car traffic thoroughfare like Milford Ohio, but most of the really interesting details are high up on the 3rd floors of the buildings. The first book in this series might be the architecture rather then the shops like many of the other town series will be. We’ll see if it works, but I have hope. I’m going back on a little vacation with a friend mine in late May 2018. I’ll more than likely spend some time figuring out just how to capture the flavor of this wonderful town.

Check back and see what comes to the marketplace.