Current Book in the Works

insomniacs-log-front-cover-v3I am taking a bit of a detour from working on my first children’s book. I am now focusing on making log books. Log books are mini journals that focus on collecting information on a certain topic.

My first logbook is Insomniac’s Log: A daily journal to identify issues that keep sleep at bay. I personally have struggled my whole life with on-again, off-again sleeping issues. Even as a child I would sleepwalk, and I progressed to bouts of insomnia.

The logs are a place to collect data so that you can see patterns that can be causing problems in your life, then finding solutions.


The book will be hitting Amazon by April 2018.

Book Blurb: “Insomniac’s Log:

Sleep is the cornerstone to a highly functioning person yet it is so darn hard to capture! Why? Because of the stresses of the modern world or the environment? Or our thoughts and inability to shut them down from our daily lives? Our health or bad late-night habits like eating late, TV, technology, or working too late, etc?

You can’t get rid of the symptoms until you identify the cause. This log is a place to capture your behaviors and thoughts that may be behind your sleepless nights.

This log allows you to identify specific issues and patterns that limiting your ability to count sheep and get a few ZZZZ’s.


Log books to follow:

  • How do I feel today Log?
  • Unmentionables Log:
  • Diabetic Log