Journal Series

Vintage Purse Journal VWBug v2
WELL, the next shiny idea that caught my mind was more out of my personal need than anything else. I love having thin journals in my purse, you know, something I can pull out and jot down a note, an address or website or even another shiny new idea to make. Another point is they have to be relativity cheap. I use them for a lot of dumb stuff and even rip pages out, so it wasn’t always a ‘keeper journal.’

But as I was coming to the last of these kinds of journals that I had previously purchased, I went to Ikea to get a new pack. They have a wonderful set of bright colors with no lines. But then as I thought about it, I figured I might want to have lines, maybe that would keep me writing neater (I’m a messy writer) and utilize more on a page. Then I thought why not make my own? Why support the megastore Ikea when I can support little old me?

Then I thought, you know as much as I like their bright colors, other than that, they don’t excite me when I pull it out of my purse. Why not make mine with things that I really like and make me smile?

Then my mind started kicking in and I thought of better ways I can use this little journals. I sometimes write important information in these, so how can I make it easier to find it? How about a Tabel of Contents? That way it would be easy to note on what page a piece of info. is…oh! Page numbers too! So this little nothing journal was now becoming a very practical tool for me. Brilliant!

So “My Purse Journal” was conceived.

I called it purse journal because that’s where I would use them. And then I did an Amazon search to see if I can find such a thing and it turns out MANY people search, “Purse Journals” as a keyword! So that’s why I have such a funky name.

My first series (I love series of things!) was my Vintage Series. I chose that because I found a wonderful artist that designed a vintage VW bug (which I adore since I’m a VW bug owner). Then I found she made another VW Bus and a Vespa! (OH< I WANT A VESPA SOOOO BAD!!)My 3 part series was complete! And best of all, all of these illustrations make me smile! WIN/WIN.

Here are all the covers of my first series, which will be available on Amazon in April 2018.


Look for more My Purse Journal book series to hit the marketplace in 2018