Writing Prompts

In this section of the website, we will put all the writing prompts that are meant to get kids and adults alike to practice the art of STORYTELLING.

Types of writing: short shorts or some call flash fiction, short stories, essay, poetry, a personal narrative.

Depending on the my subscription sign-ups, I will give a variety of prompts for different ages and types of writing.

These contest will also be given on occasion to start, but if engagement is happening – we’ll do it more often! So sign up and participate!


Cassie’s Clue:Where a single word will be entered with a WORD LIMIT and deadline for the entry.

Photo prompt: Where I will offer a wacky photo from my library up for a ‘story’ to be written around it. Again, a word limit and a deadline date for the entry.

Prize? Public acknowledgement on this blog.  All entries will be listed for the month by title and authors name.