In the following pages listed under Locals. We are looking for engagement from EVERYONE. Kids and adults alike. All of these  will be in CONTEST form. So you need to fill out the form with the answers and send them to my mail box.

NOT all of these contests will be running at the same time. So check back to see when each will be launched. There will be a deadline date to all contests.  The winners will be listed on the website for the month.

Town Tid-bits: testing your knowledge of your town.

I Spy: Where photographs will be taken of a locale that will need to be identified through the photos themselves. 4 photos will be taken from right to left, front to back but they will be mixed up and you have to put them in order to identify the EXACT location they were taken from.

What is this? photos of different locations will be posted, but only a small corner of the photo, and you have to identify what the picture is.

Scavenger Hunts: These can be small or very large events where your have to go to a physical place that is only described to you in a clue and you have to find either something physical or information that will lead you to the next clue. It will be organized with the local town folks. (scheduled for a spring launch)