I Spy…

Here you will find 4 photographs that surround an exact location in Madeira or Indian Hill, Ohio.

The photos will be from the view to the right, the left, the front and the back of an EXACT location.  The photos will NOT in be the order they were taken, they will be mixed up.

The contest will require you to correctly determine the EXACT location of where I was sitting as I took the photos.  EXACTLY.  I could be on a roof, or on the ground, on a bench or in a trash can. Sitting on a sign, or standing in the middle of the road. I could be standing at the doorway of a shop or on the steps of the police station.  I could be just about ANYWHERE.

Your choice must be EXACT.

These I Spy… photos will be uploaded here and there will be a deadline date for submissions.  There will be a Contact form at the end of this page for your submissions.

The winner or winners will be acknowledged in this site.