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I have been struggling with insomnia for my entire life. And I struggle to find something that works—and puts me to sleep. But alas, I haven’t found the silver bullet yet (oh, yes you saw that…yes some nights I do juggle the thought of a bullet!)


But the real problem is that I can’t remember what I did from bout to bout. I don’t know what worked or didn’t work to relax me. I don’t know what was the cause of insomnia in the first place (my worrying and stressing). I try and write these things down but I can’t remember what app I listed it on, or where is that piece of paper I jotted it down on is located. It’s just a constant struggle to remember the details of the most recent bo

So out of pure frustration and organized need, I designed a book for me to log my insomnia issues in.  After I used it a while, and I saw that I was understanding the patterns and behaviors that I have/do that doesn’t help with my night time battles, I decided to make it available for other suffers from this insomnia ordeal.

It will be on the market by Sept 3rd, 2018. It will be available on Amazon and followed by Banes & Noble.

A little insight into the book:

  • The log is written in a 2-page spread. We got a lot of information in that small space.
  • It’s easy to fill out- we designed it with many answers printed out that will work for the majority of users. (circle or highlight your pre-listed answers)
  • It has a minimum of items to write in with data. Usually a time or name (of who’s worrying you.)
  • We have allowed space for a quick note – without adding more and more pages to your daily 2-spread log pages.
  • We inserted simple summary forms every 10 days so you can see your patterns and self-correct, rather than waiting for a full 30 days before checking the patterns.
  • The actual size of the book is 5″x 8″, so it can easily be put in your purse or bag for travel and if you log while out and about in the world.



Do you have other issues that a log book might help?

I’m working on a series of 30-day log books on the following topics: If you have any ideas of what you would like, let me know. [Note that all log books will have 60-day refill log available also, at least that’s the plan.]


  • How do I feel today Log? Time flies doesn’t it? Weeks go by at a blink of an eye, and we think something happened just last week, yet it was really three weeks ago! And that goes for how we feel too, we lose track of our well-being after a short time. We can’t remember when we had a cough or a hard time with our hip, or when we were last feeling very tired and weak. I have had these same concerns, so I wanted a log just to keep track of how I was feeling today.  


Again, as in my other log books in the series, gathering information as it happens is the only way we can see our patterns. Do you have a pattern of feeling ill after doctors appointments or after testing at a hospital? (sensitivity to germs?) Do you get all congested after visiting with your children or grandchildren? (allergies/sensitive to smoking/sensitive) or a sensitivity to outgassing – to all the new furnishings in their newly built house? This simple log book will keep you aware of how you are feeling so as to nip issues in the butt before they become problems. [coming out late 2018]

  • Unmentionables Log: We know that so much information can be gleaned from our bathroom functions. This is where our bodies give us our first clue that something is not quite right. Plus, with the advent of the western medical field’s belief of pumping our society with prescription medications and surgeries, we have more problems with our regular bathroom habits. This log will assist in keeping track of things that are working well, and of things that are not quite right. [coming out late 2018 or early 2019]


  • Other Logs in the works: Diabetic Log